Liquid Rubber products are easily applied by brush and roller, so that anyone can use them, however, the right equipment can greatly reduce hours on site, translating to reduced costs and higher earnings per job (and therefore more jobs per year). It is important to have the right equipment for the job, which is why we have sourced the best equipment for applying our products.


1. Reduced hours on site.

2. Less wear on the worker.

3. Quicker turnaround time allowing you to return the site to the GC, property manager, or owner sooner.

HVLP 2000 Spray System

The HVLP 2000 Spray Unit is used for spraying our InstaSet products for one coat applications. It is a high volume, low-pressure pump system consisting of a Honda GX 160 5.5 HP gas engine (electric available) and two Comet diaphragm pumps. The pumps are belt driven and calibrated by pressure with tip sizes to help give the correct ratio. The pump is capable of delivering 1.5 GPM and is designed to run up to two guns at once depending on the size of the project and the time frame. Each gun can spray up 10,000 ft2 or 1,000 m2 per day. The lightweight R-08 spray gun features a strong urethane coated handle with a comfortable trigger grip. The system is fully tested and comes ready to spray with a 200’ roll of welded dual hoses, 6 spray tips, 1 pump rebuild kit and 1 gun valve repair kit.

Graco GH 833 Big Rig

The GH 833 is the preferred choice for high production professional contractors who spray a wide range of materials. This jobsite-proven workhorse is the answer when you demand ruggedness, performance and value.