Flat Roofs

Even the best roofing systems and products begin to break down over time. For a fraction of the cost of re-roofing, you can extend its life (by approximately 10+ years) by using Liquid Rubbers easy to apply waterproofing solutions. Liquid Rubbers affordable and effective waterproofing solutions can be used to stop active leaks or simply to preserve and protect the integrity of your home or structure. No one wants to deal with the costly repairs, damages, and inconvenience that result from water intrusion. Use Liquid Rubber products and sleep soundly knowing you are protected.


  1. 1. Inspect the roof for tears and lifting edges of membrane roofs, cracks, missing or damaged flashings, and that vents, skylights, etc, are securely installed. Look for efflorescence and deterioration on masonry parapet walls, and if possible inspect the underside for evidence of leaks.
  2. 2. Ensure the surface is clean and dry and free of oils or other contaminants. Clean using compressed air, a sweeper, a pressure washer, and/or a degreaser. (be cautious when introducing water, as the surface must be completely dry for application and cure).
  3. 3. Remove silicone, coal tar, heavy scale, and loose/flakey paints or coatings if any.
  4. 4. Scan your roof using an infrared scanner (or equivalent method) to detect hidden moisture. (if the roof is not completely dry at the time of application, this water can evaporate and cause pinholes, blisters, and delamination in your coating).
  5. 5. Tape off or otherwise mask area’s you wish to protect from the coating.
  6. 6. Bridge joints, seams, tears, cracks, corners, and around protrusions (vents, skylights, etc) using Liquid Rubber Seam Tape. Apply a coat of your selected waterproofing over the Seam Tape, going at least 2 inches beyond the edges and allow to dry. Or instead use Geo-Textile applied via the 3-course-method
  7. 7. Once detail coats are dry, begin your field application. Apply your selected waterproofing to the entire surface. Allow adequate drying time and inspect for pinholes, blisters, etc, and repair as necessary before applying your next coat. Talk to your Liquid Rubber technical rep to determine which product suits your application.
  8. 8. Appropriate products for flat roofs include: Spray grade – SealSafe InstaSet B-200. Brush grade – SealSafe S-200. SealSafe A-205 and SealSafe PU-100 can be brushed/rolled or sprayed (with the appropriate sprayer).

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