About Us

At Liquid Rubber, we understand that your success and reputation, as a contractor, depends on the quality of the products you use, and that our reputation, as a manufacturer, depends on the successful application of every job our products are used on.

That is why Liquid Rubber has been developing and supplying quality waterproofing solutions for contractors and property owners for nearly two decades. We back up our quality products with technical support and resources to ensure the success of every project.

We were established in the early 2000's and provide a wide range of water based, VOC and solvent free products.  These products cure to provide a seamless, fully adhered flexible membrane which prevents water ingress and resists damage from water, UV, salt, thermal cycling and harmful chemicals.  Available for Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets.

Contractors can take advantage of preferred pricing and loyalty programs to increase their margins and offer competitive pricing to their customers. We are always looking for reputable contractors to join our family.

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Products are manufactured in North America with distribution offices globally.


Head Office
1150 Eighth Line Unit 16
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 2R4