Metal Roofs

The Liquid Rubber MetalSafe product line has been designed to provide a superior flexible waterproof coating and corrosion protection for metal structures. They are environmentally friendly and safe for workers and occupants. They are easy to apply and long lasting.


1. Seamless waterproof membrane that easily conforms to various shapes, without cutting and fitting (as is necessary with sheet products).

2. Added corrosion inhibitors to stop rust and preserve your metal structures for many years.

3. Superior adhesion to most substrates.

4. Can be applied down to 5C/40F.

5. Resistant to salts, acids, and various chemicals.

6. Water based, no solvents, and VOC free.

7. Excellent elongation, recovery, and flexibility for crack bridging and to withstand thermal cycling.

8. No open flame or kettle required.

9. Expensive application equipment is not critical.


Typical Substrates

Case Studies