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Liquid Rubber MetalSafe

The Liquid Rubber MetalSafe product line has been designed to provide superiorflexible waterproof coating and corrosion protection for metal structures. They areenvironmentally friendly and safe for workers and occupants. They are easy to applyand long lasting.


  • 1. Seamless waterproof membrane that easily conforms to various shapes, withoutcutting and fitting (as is necessary with sheet products).
  • 2. Added corrosion inhibitors to stop rust and preserve your metal structures formany years.
  • 3. Superior adhesion to most substrates.
  • 4. Can be applied down to 5C/40F.
  • 5. Resistant to salts, acids, and various chemicals.
  • 6. Water based, no solvents, and VOC free.
  • 7. Excellent elongation, recovery, and flexibility for crack bridging and to withstandthermal cycling.
  • 8. No open flame or kettle required.
  • 9. Expensive application equipment is not critical.

Typical Substrates

  • Metal Roofs
  • Silos
  • Grain bins
  • Secondary Containment tanks
  • Quonset Huts
  • Columns and Beams
  • Piers and Docks
  • Much more!

MetalSafe Product Line

  • Spray Grade

    MetalSafe InstaSet B-300 can be sprayed using ourHVLP2000 spray unit and co-sprayed with our calcium chloridecatalyst to achieve your fullbuildup in a single applicationallowing you to save countlesshours on site.

  • Brush/Roller Grade

    MetalSafe S-300 requiresno special equipment and nocatalyst to apply. A durable,waterproof, seamless membranecan be achieved using a standardpaint brush and paint roller.

  • Brush/Roller Grade

    MetalSafe A-205 offers all of the superiorwaterproofing capabilities butwith greater elongation and coloroptions for asthetic appeal andreduced energy costs.

  • Brush/Roller Grade

    MetalSafe PU-100 offers greater wear resistance andis more suited to light traffic areas.

Liquid Rubber Rust Primer

Brush, roll, or spray this rust inhibitive primer before applying one of ourcolored waterproofing solutions to stop corrosion and prevent bleed-through.

How is SealRoof Applied?

MetalSafe products are cold applied (no open flame or kettle required) atambient temperatures ranging from 5-35C/40-95F, and cure to form a fullyadhered, seamless, and flexible membrane. All MetalSafe products can beapplied to the surface using a sprayer, brush, or roller. They are typicallyapplied at 40-120 mil DFT (dry film thickness). MetalSafe B-300 can beapplied to produce an "instant-set" membrane that is ideal for buildingthickness in one application by using our HVLP2000 spray unit.

Data Sheets

    Technical Data sheets

  • MetalSafe InstaSet B-300 TDS
  • MetalSafe S-300 TDS
  • MetalSafe A-205 TDS
  • MetalSafe PU-100 TDS
  • MetalSafe Rust Primer TDS

    SDS sheets

  • MetalSafe InstaSet B-300 SDS
  • MetalSafe S-300 SDS
  • MetalSafe A-205 SDS
  • MetalSafe PU-100 SDS
  • MetalSafe Rust Primer SDS

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