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Why Liquid Rubber

* Liquid Rubber has been developing and manufacturing high quality, elastomeric, waterproof coatings for over 20 years.

* We continually strive to provide our customers with 5 star technical and sales support to ensure your job goes smoothly.

* Our solutions for repairs, maintenance, restoration, and new build projects are distributed worldwide.

* Ask about our InstaSet products for 1 coat applications!

Case Studies

  • This $10,000,000USD House was being constructed in the suburb of Morningside in Johannesburg South Africa. The architect and contractor selected Liquid Rubber SealSafe InstaSet B-200 a spray applied instant-set waterproofing membrane to satisfy the protective needs of the concrete roof.
  • Providing a safe to use, thick, controllable waterproof membrane that can be applied in one application as time is of the essence in construction. Also wanting an improvement over conventional solvent based damp proofing.
  • A small community Ice Arena leaked for years and years. The owners got used to the drips until they learned of a solution that fit within their budget to become leak free.


Very Satisfied with the SealSafe A-205. I also purchased a 50' roll of Seam Tape. The tape sticks like gangbusters but I did pre-clean and wipe with acetone before applying the tape. I applied 3 or 4 coats of the sealant and a coat of primer first. Not 100% sure I needed the primer but it was recommended. The Sealant dries quickly and feels durable. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to solve roof leaks.

William Meyer

Thank you for all your excellent support over the past two weeks. I completed my stream and waterfall today by adding all the river rock etc. I applied the primer and 4 heavy coats of the SealSafe A-205 on my streams concrete base. I then waited 6 days, added the stone to the stream and turned on the pump. Results were excellent as it didn't appear that I was losing water through seepage or cracks.


Delivery was fast. Really easy to apply. Used it on an 1800 gallon metal trough that had pinholes up to 1/2 inch on the bottom. Taped the holes and then put the MetalSafe Liquid Rubber on. This was over some light rust and it seems to adhere great. So that put an end to our leaking problem.

Dodie Greenwald

Thanks for the awesome product. It's finally 100% waterproof. Coated the roof and walls and even the bottom side.


This has got to be the best and easiest product out there to use. My cinder block foundation loves me now and it's alot drier under my house. Trust me when I say Cape Breton gets lots of rain and this is the best product I've ever used. I'll definitely be purchasing more of it for different projects I have around my house.

Zabrina Mackie

Awesome product. I purchased the basement waterproofing product. It was very easy to apply, even on my 100 year old concrete foundation. It helped to seal it and to prevent water penetration. Very happy with this product.

Jennifer Ramsay

Keep producing a foundation sealant that really works! So far this season, we had a lot of rain and the basement is completely dry! Thank you Liquid Rubber, I will definitely recommend your product to others.


We had to fix cracks, holes and reseal a tar roof that has a deck built on top of it. This Liquid Rubber made the job so much easier -  a total of 12 hours over 5 days to completely repair a 20'x16' deck. It easily sealed the cracks and holes between the roof and support beams, which had been a major leak area.

Patti Strong